what to wear

wear comfortable clothing you will be able to move in. Leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts and a vest or t-shirt is fine. ​

what to bring

bring a yoga mat if you have one and any props you like to use (I recommend bringing a blanket for savasana!)

what to expect

Classes follow the same basic pattern - we start by connecting to our breath and introducing the theme for the class. When the movement starts, I demonstrate from the front of the class and guide you through a warm up, main sequence or "flow" and a wind-down and relaxation.

My classes are designed to build strength and flexibility in the body and the mind. They are tailored to the individual bodies of my students, and you are reminded frequently throughout the class to listen to your own unique body and to ask of your only what it is capable of giving in the present moment. Thus, the level of challenge or easefulness in the practice is yours to control.


I will give you alignment, breath and inquiry cues, but I tend to keep cues to a minimum where possible to allow you to experience the practice in your own way. 

I usually teach my classes with relaxing ambient music and soft lighting. I will occasionally use scent, but I always ask at the start of class whether people are comfortable with this, as I understand that involving scent in the practice is a very personal thing. 


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